The Xiaomi smartwatch more similar to Apple Watch, already on offer for just over € 100 and with free pickup!

Several companies are part of the Xiaomi ecosystem, one of them Amazfit, which specializes especially in smartwatches of very different types. Surely you have already seen some model, although others have just landed in Spain, such as the Amazfit GTS.

This Xiaomi smartwatch is a clear low-cost alternative to the Apple Watch, and it is that by design it is very similar, in addition to benefits, saving the logical distances if we take into account its price, which right now is about 120-130 € in stores like Amazon or PcComponentes, in addition to other distributors.

The advantage of Amazon Spain is that for the € 125 it costs includes free shipping to your home.

These distributors have not only added it to their catalog but they have released it with several offers in the Amazfit GTS.

For example, this GTS has a heart rate sensor, full-color AMOLED display, 12 quantifiable sport modes and is also submersible. However, what makes it different from other models of this brand is the sphere, rectangular and non-square, in addition to the interface, much improved compared to other models.

Its interface is also customizable with different widgets and spheres, so you can see all the information you need at a glance.

As a casual watch, it fully meets, but it also has integrated GPS, so in practice, along with the heart rate sensor, it is a first-class sports smartwatch.

Xiaomi surprises again: launches an external battery that, in addition to charging the mobile, heats the hands

It seems that there are no limits in the imagination of Xiaomi, which does not cease to launch new curious products but very useful. Despite being one of the big companies selling smartphones, tablets, and televisions, they don’t want to leave any gap in the technology market without exploring. Its growth and popularity in recent months indicate that Xiaomi has more and more devices to surprise us with.

On this occasion the company has launched a peculiar portable battery with an extra function: in addition to charging our devices, it warms our hands. This is the Maoxin Retro Hand Warmer Power Bank, this battery combines a comfortable size, a very curious design, and a double utility. According to Xiaomi, the portable battery is capable of charging all kinds of devices, from mobile phones, tablets or even computers.

Of course, the main function of this battery is to charge any device but it is also able to warm your hands, a perfect complement for these cold days and at a very affordable price. One more device to add to the list of curious and economical products of Xiaomi.

The battery has a capacity of 5,000 mAh and can charge any device, for them it has a USB-A port where you can connect the cable you need regardless of whether it is Android, iPhone, a computer or even an iPad.

This function is activated only as soon as we connect a device to its USB, but the function of heating the hands is activated by pressing a button. The battery has two buttons on the front: the one on the left is used to activate it and with the right button you can adjust the heater temperature.

Xiaomi points out in the specifications that the battery can reach a temperature of up to 52 ° C and in just five minutes from when the ignition starts to warm up little by little until it reaches the heat set by the user. Thanks to its 5,000 mAh, the heater has a range of up to four hours.

To recharge the battery you can use the standard Android charger with a micro USB connector. You can buy this battery for only 21.42 euros in three colors: red and pink green.

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