This should have been the realme interface from the beginning: this will be the look of ColorOS 7

This year we have seen the consolidation of some mobile brands, but also the arrival of new players to turn an already competitive market upside down per se. We are referring to realme, which with only a few terminals has become one of the star companies of this year in Spain. Now, we tell you the updated calendar from realme to Android 10 and ColorOS 7. And, so it should have been the realme interface from the beginning.

Realme is one of the companies of the Chinese group BBK, who also have OnePlus, Vivo and Oppo. With the latter, the realme share customization layer on Android, ColorOS.

As we tell you in our analysis of the realme X2 Pro (an amazing terminal) and the realme X2, ColorOS 6 is a system that needs a facelift, and that will come with the new version, ColorOS 7 by the hand of Android 10.

A week ago we told you what will be the ColorOS 7 news for Oppo and realme mobiles, and the most interesting thing is that, apart from a renewed interface, it will be a much faster system by shortening the memory access times. 

Specifically, a 30% overall performance improvement and 25% faster application opening will be achieved.

According to the Chinese company, ColorOS 7 will be as close as possible to Android Stock, which is not bad news at all, but it is something that remains to be seen when we have the first updated terminals.

What we already know is when ColorOS 7 and Android 10 will come to realme mobiles. Next, we leave you the realme update calendar to the latest version of Android and its customization layer:

There are no specific days, and although users will have to wait to have the update (especially the owners of the X2 and realme 5) if the Chinese company fulfills the promise of speed with ColorOS 7, it will be worth it. 

The ColorOS 7 beta is now available and yes, there is good news

Now, thanks to the beta in India, we can already see a preview of the new realme operating system. As we see in Fonearena, the company has started the registration period for the ColorOS 7 beta for realme X2 Pro, and the company’s CEO in that country hastened to share an image of the dash and the toolbar of the mobile with the new system.

At least in India, the beta will begin on December 18 and will continue until February 2020 to end the stable version in March.

In addition to the images, he announced that they are working on a ColorOS realme Edition, a customized version of the system for their mobiles (and a movement similar to the Xiaomi MIUI for Poco for the Pocophone).

Realme’s first 5G mobile has just been uncovered

Little by little, we learn more details about what will be the first 5G mobile of the brand realme. The date on which this mobile phone will become official is not yet known, but we have almost all the specifications that this new realme will offer.

From the Realme Facebook page in Vietnam, virtually all the possible features that will define this terminal have been revealed. Until now we only knew the name and its compatibility with 5G networks, now we know that it will have a double camera on the perforated screen.

According to this publication, the realme X50 will have two versions: one more powerful and one simpler for “young people”. The first one will have a Qualcomm processor, in charge of allowing compatibility with 5G and the second version would have a MediaTek chip.

Another difference between both versions of the realme X50 is on the screen and the number of cameras it will host. The Pro model will bring an AMOLED display of 90 Hz in one, while in the other model it will be an LCD panel and will not have a double front camera, although it will have something more than inches.

The Pro model wins on the subject of photography as you can see in the table with more cameras and higher quality, however, it will have somewhat less autonomy by having a lower capacity battery4,500 mAh compared to 5,000 mAh of the second model.

They coincide on the contrary, in the configuration of storage and the compatibility of 5G technology, which is one of the most premium features in which brands are currently betting on the future of the smartphone market.

It remains to be known when it will go on sale and how much these mobiles will cost. Knowing realme and its position when it comes to selling high-quality mobiles at very fair prices, we hope that these new models are a strong blow of the brand.

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